What is unearthD?

Unearthing our common roots

Our mission at unearthD is to create a space for environmentalists to find a common connection with the environment and with each other—by unearthing our roots.

We seek to create a community where people feel engaged and comfortable talking about climate action.

We acknowledge environmental action is intersectional, as well as inter-generational. Our climate solutions intentionally include voices from diverse backgrounds, including BIPOC communities to integrate climate knowledge from leaders within these communities, old and young, and those most marginalized by climate change. 


1. Help the city of Markham reach its sustainability goals by 2030
Making Markham net-zero 2030.

2. Connect the community with global climate problems/ solutions through community climate actions

Hi, Im Malvin!
Hey, I’m Rusha!
Hi, Brenda here!

Hello, I’m Robbin!